僕六年ぐらい東京の方に住んでたけど今台湾に住む。日本語もう忘れちゃった 笑

Omg I didn’t realize this was my profile section and not lyrics at first lmfao. Sorry for a bunch of shitty demos, I have to finish stuff at some point. *USE HEADPHONES haha*

My mixing is horrible, and the majority of these songs are like, either the first take, or they’re actually being made up as I’m singing them cause I hadn’t decided on any lyrics haha. Honestly this is more for me to review songs and decide if they have the potential to be finished or if they’re worth it, so please don’t judge them too hard lol.

Yes like, most of my music is either really depressing or vengeful as fuck, I just went through like, a 5 year manipulative as f relationship and I’m just expressing myself. To anyone who’s been through or is going through that, leave now. Honestly. Leave with yourself and who you are before that’s gone.

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